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Africa’s giant convention and financial center built in Kinshasa

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Milvest, a subsidiary of Miller Holding involved in projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, unveiled the Kinshasa Congress and Finance Center. The project, aimed at transforming the capital city of Kinshasa, anticipates employing 5,000 individuals through its office blocks, luxury hotel, and congress center, positioning it as the largest congress and finance center not only in the country but also in Central Africa.

Milvest, a Miller Holding subsidiary, inaugurated the Kinshasa Congress and Finance Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital. The center seeks to shape the city’s identity not only through its architectural features but also by integrating living spaces.

Turhan Mildon, Chairman of Miller Holding’s Board of Directors, expressed pride in completing one of Africa’s most ambitious projects, stating, ” Kinshasa Congress and Finance Center has not only pioneered the development of the country but also a good cooperation between Turkey and the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Mildon provided details about the center, remarking, “This location comprises two significant projects. On one hand, we’ve constructed a complex featuring seven buildings, including the region’s most luxurious hotel. We are changing the face of the city with a 3 thousand square meter demonstration pool, shopping venues, and social areas built with high technology. In addition to all these, we will also have other buildings that will enable the development of trade here. We have also completed the congress hall and two rentable office blocks.”

Highlighting the contributions of 3,000 Congolese and over 2,300 Turks, Mildon emphasized, “This site will not only generate employment during construction but will also serve as a hub for jobs after that. The Kinshasa Convention and Finance Center is projected to create around 5,000 job opportunities, encompassing services from the ministries of finance and budget.”


Mildon underscored the substantial investment in the hotel, stating, “The entire infrastructure of the Finance Center is owned by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our significant agreement involves constructing a luxury hotel under a global chain brand. We will manage and subsequently transfer this hotel to the Democratic Republic of Congo administration. A capital investment exceeding $60 million has been allocated for this hotel, marking an exemplary public-private partnership for Congo.”

“As a holding, our motto is always: ‘We stride into the future with firm steps!'” Mildon remarked. “This ethos resonates in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Each endeavor we undertake here bolsters confidence in the future. We envision the center becoming a symbol of Kinshasa’s progress, further strengthening Turkey’s relationship with the Democratic Republic of Congo.”


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