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Uludag Economy Summit started with the session of ‘Türkiye’s New Future Vision’

– Uludag Economy Summit UEZ 2022, which was sponsored by P&G, started with the opening speech of Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati and ‘Türkiye’s New Future Vision’ session.

The summit brings together the important actors of the business and economic world and is organized by the Capital, Ekonomist, and Start Up magazines since 2012 with P&G as the main sponsor. It started with the opening speech of Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati, Head of P&G Europe Loic Tassel, and Editorial Director of Capital and Ekonomist Sedef Seckin.

Sedef Seckin Buyuk in the opening speech of the summit, where the obstacles to be overcome in order to transition to a new and sustainable system will be discussed under the theme of ‘Designing the New Global Order: Healing, Change and Digitalization Together’, said the followings:

“Thank you for adding value to the atmosphere of UEZ 2022 with the wide participation of distinguished business people. We made great efforts to make the first post-pandemic physical summit a much more sincere and broad exchange of ideas platform, and we planned accordingly. We are proud to receive support at the level of board members and CEO while preparing the summit that we have reconstructed. With this arrangement we have prepared, we would like our speakers to share their valuable ideas and visions.”


What kind of works are planned to be carried out in the public sector in order to accelerate the growth and development of Türkiye in the new period, to strengthen its position in the international finance and banking market, and to increase its attractiveness for new investments were discussed in the ‘Türkiye’s New Future Vision’ session sponsored by P&G and moderated by P&G Türkiye, Caucasus and Central Asia Chairman of Board Tankut Turnaoglu. In addition, in line with this goal, the long-term approaches of investor companies in Turkey were discussed, with the plans that have been or will be implemented in the public sector, from human resources to digitalization, from investment strategies to financial solutions.


Speaking at the opening of the panel, Turnaoglu stated that 35 years ago, P&G came here believing in Türkiye’s potential and future. Turnaoglu also said the followings:

Since 1987, we have been making investments with a sustainable approach, creating value with the strong ecosystem we have created, improving the quality of life of consumers and producers, and making a strong contribution to our country’s exports. At the point we have reached today, nine out of ten households in our country have at least one P&G product, and we add value to the lives of millions of people with our Contribution to Society projects that we carry out in many areas of life, from education to sports and health. We are working to contribute to the common future of our country, especially by improving the lives of our children and young people. With the same vision, in our 35th year in our country, we have implemented many works by saying ‘Love Opens Every Door’. As the main sponsor of Uludag Economy Summit, one of the leading events of the business world, we hosted our senior executives in our country. We underlined Türkiye’s potential and importance.”


Head of Presidential Investment Office Ahmet Burak Daglioglu said, “Monetary policies of central banks affect all markets today. In the first half of the year, it is seen that there is a decrease of approximately 25 percent in M&A transactions. If we look at where Türkiye is in this table, we should say that we have a unique value proposition. This separates us from time to time in a positive way. Türkiye’s value proposition is to have a resilient and fast-growing economy. Our combined growth rate is over 5%. There have been continuous reform movements in Türkiye in the last two decades and it has a positive effect on investors. Türkiye’s policies have contributed to our rapid employment growth, even though it has become difficult to access the workforce, especially after the pandemic. We think that the positive divergence will continue.”


Head of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office Dr. Ali Taha Koc said, “We are moving from horseless carriages to unmanned cars, and today we have evolved into a world where an autonomous vehicle cannot recognize a horse carriage. Our use of the Internet has increased a lot and with Web 2.0, we have now turned into factories that produce data. Thanks to digital transformation, we have been able to hold more virtual meetings. The new concept is Web 3.0 and we are one of the best and fast users. We are now in the decentralized system and the one who produces the data has come to control the data itself. Metaverse works also exist in Türkiye, and the initial expectation perception was broken. To talk about the future of the Metaverse, we can only use our two senses at the moment, and we should be able to activate other senses in the near future, so that a truly virtual world is created. We support our entrepreneurs in this regard.”


Head of the Presidential Finance Office Prof. Dr. Goksel Asan said, “My topic is difficult, because there is a very famous saying: Life is what you go through while making plans! We all have interpreted this sentence differently at different times, but we are going through one of the rare periods. We have experienced 4-5 years in which no plans made by countries and institutions in the world were realized. That’s why it’s very difficult to talk about the future trend from today. I said at a meeting: I am speaking for the coming period, especially at a time when this indebtedness is so high. I said that the only way to pay these debts is high inflation. I still do not believe that the current level of inflation is sufficient for the world. Non-payment of these debts may still exist. There are about 20 different inflations in Euro inflation and it is a problem that will put a lot of pressure on Europe. The European Central Bank will take the Euro into account and decide, but the problems of countries with inflation-related problems will be different from that decision. It is necessary to look at the structural side to see what the financial sector will be or where it will go. The most fundamental factor determining the finance side will be technology. It was a bit heavy at first, but the technology side will accelerate even more.”


Head of the Presidential Human Resources Office Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salim Atay said, “Although the geography where Türkiye is located is important, the most important element is its people. As of 2019, we started to make measurements with scientific approaches to understand the current system and took a picture of the situation. We saw everyone in the country as a talent and acted with the thought that state opportunities should be equal for everyone. At this point, we realized that we could be more objective while distributing opportunities by deploying technology. We have developed all the instruments that will enable people to be involved in business life in Türkiye. For example, we took the HR inventory of Türkiye and created a large data pool by communicating the data with each other. Industry, institution, etc. We have the skill map. From here, we can select all the details and direct the appropriate people to the appropriate institutions and organizations.”


P&G Global COO Shailesh Jejurikar said, “When we talk about change, we need to talk about Türkiye’s ability to cope. We see it today as well… Türkiye is making progress and this is very inspiring. Transformation in terms of meeting new needs is actually an opportunity. Washing clothes can be given as an example through climate change. Two-thirds of the carbon footprint comes from heating water. Finding a cleaning solution here, namely the ability to wash clothes with cold water, is a great innovation. In our work with NASA, we study how clothes can be washed in a spacecraft. For example, you have to carry it to Mars once a year and bring it back. Also, astronaut requires very intense exercise and we are working on the solution for sweat. Apart from washing these clothes, we are also working on using the water used as drinking water.”

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