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Turkish Armed Forces’ bomb-sniffing dogs on duty in the World Cup

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The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) elements in Qatar also employ specially trained bomb-sniffing dogs under the Land Forces Command to ensure safety at the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

TSK makes a significant contribution to the security of the FIFA 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. As well as the USA, UK, France, and Pakistan, Türkiye gave a positive response to The Qatari government’s request from friendly and allied countries to contribute to the security of the organization with elements belonging to the armed forces. Following the positive response, the ‘Joint Joint Task Force’ was created as part of ‘Operation Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup Shield’. The force is directed and administered from the coordination center created. TCG Burgazada, which is produced with domestic facilities, and the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (KBRN) defense squad, Explosive Material Discovery and Disposal (PMKI), and also bomb search and anti-drone team continue their work in the capital Doha. Among the elements that contribute to the security of the FIFA 2022 World Cup are the PMKI team of the Land Forces Command and the bomb-sniffing dog team. Bomb-sniffing dogs can detect explosives on all kinds of buildings, motor vehicles and aircraft, bags, suitcases, and persons. Dogs are also equipped with camera sound systems with night vision features, providing wireless and infrared connection, with high image quality, which is used to search for places that cannot be viewed from the outside.

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