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Togg reveals a vision that does the least harm to the environment says Minister Varank

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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited the ‘Togg Digital Mobility Garden’ at the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) 2023 held in the USA. “The way to combat the climate crisis comes from renewable energy and sustainability. With its vision, Togg presents a vision based on renewable energy, sustainability and least harmful to the environment” said Minister Varank.

Minister Varank, who examined the stand with Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş, was accompanied by Turkey’s Washington Ambassador Hasan Murat Mercan, Anadolu Group Chairman Tuncay Özilhan, and Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan.

Stating that CES is one of the most important electronics fairs in the world, which has been held since the 1960s, Minister Varank said:

“Companies come here every year to introduce their new products and technologies. Togg has been at this fair for 2 years. When it joined for the first time last year, people were confused. The appearance of an automobile brand at an electronics fair was a new concept. Togg hits the road saying ‘More than just a car’. In fact, in the changing and transforming automotive industry, technologies, expectations, and opportunities offered by automobiles to users are changing. Togg attended this fair last year to show that it is a technology company. At the point we have reached this year, we see that many more automotive brands are here. In this sense, we can say that Togg has put forward a vision.”


“Togg is trying to become a global brand. Events like this are also important for this vision. One of the most beautiful stands of the fair is here. People wait in line for minutes for the user experience. This is an indication that we are doing the right thing. We want to show up in this fair with more participation. We want to take part in this event, which we can call the showcase of the world, with more Turkish companies. As a ministry, we have different supports for this. We will increase these in the coming years” said Varank, noting that Togg wants to be a success story.


“Sustainability is now very important. The way to combat the climate crisis comes from renewable energy and sustainability. With its vision, Togg also puts forward a vision based on renewable energy, sustainable and least harmful to the environment. They show an example of it” expressed Varank referred to Togg’s vision against the climate crisis.

Minister Varank had a bilateral meeting with Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES, and Saeed Amidi, founder of Plug & Play, within the framework of his US visit. At CES 2023, Varank also visited the stands of Turkish start-up companies participating in the fair with the support of Togg and the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) affiliated with the ministry. Varank also met with representatives of the International Democrats Union (UID), Anatolian Lions Businessmen Association (ASKON) members, and Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC) members in various programs.


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